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Re: [fedora-java] Headaches for sysadmins which Java apps/services

On 7/25/07, Andrew Overholt wrote:
What's the "RHEL4 SDK" you speak of?  RHDS?  I didn't think JPackage
provided any Eclipse packages other than ecj anymore.

Yes, I'm sorry it is RHDS. By JPackage I just mean they have "jpp" tags,
these are from RHN. Here's the description from the RELEASE-NOTES:

Red Hat Developer Suite 3 includes the following:

 . Eclipse SDK version 3.2
 . Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling version 3.1 including a technology
   preview of GNU Autotools support
 . Plugins for using OProfile version 1.2.1
 . PHPEclipse 1.1.8
 . Eclipse Web Tools Platform 1.5
 . Eclipse Modeling Framework 2.2
 . Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework 3.2
 . Eclipse Visual Editor 1.2
 . Plugins for using Bugzilla version version 0.2.4
 . Enhanced ChangeLog authoring features version 2.2.2

We were hoping that SOAP, especially WS-Security, would become more
interoperable, but I guess that's dead so now we don't care so much about
WTP 2.0 / Axis 2.0.

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