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Re: [fedora-java] libvirt-java bindings

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Daniel Veillard wrote:
| I would like something more flexible, to that end I added some JDK dynamic
| detection in configure.in for my package, which then allows to guess the
| jni.h and jni_md.h based on the javah and javac used to generate the
| (so things should stay consistent).
| In the spec file I used the following:

There is no need since java and java-devel are virtual Provides provided
by every compliant JDK, so the user is already allowed to choose the JDK
that they want to build with.

Also, there are macros that should be used when refering to the JDK so
that you pick up the default JDK used for building and not the current
default alternative (e.g., %{java_home}, %{java}, %{javac}, %{jar}).

Unfortunately, there are recent packages passing the Fedora review that
directly specify java-1.6.0-openjdk-devel as the JDK and I personally
don't like this.

I think that this comes from two schools of thought: one group wants to
tie the Fedora package even more tightly to Fedora and the other wants
to leave the options open. Since Fedora more-or-less has only one JDK
(or two counting GCJ which is optional), this benefit is mostly
theoretical, but you can see from the current discussion that it can be
useful. Similarly, since Fedora can force the default JDK setup at build
time through the build system, although the packages are technically not
as flexible as they could be, it's never really a problem in practice.

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David Walluck
<david zarb org>
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