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Re: [fedora-java] libvirt-java bindings

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Daniel Veillard wrote:
| And outside of the distro build the macros are not available and that's
| where the user selection should be done, so this doesn't help much in the
| case of a manual user rpmbuild, except maybe if one uses them to override
| the alternative default.

To my knowledge they are available. At least allow the user to set
JAVA_HOME. This is much cleaner than a hack on following that has been
proven not to work ever since IBM JDK 1.4.

|   I guess I need to think a bit more about it, but i'm firmly in the camp
| of those who think the package should be distribution agnostic as much as
| possible.

It is distribution agnostic. Were the 6+ RPM-based distributions I
mentioned in a previous email not agnostic enough? Even Debian/Ubuntu
follow the same layout for JVM's.

But you were speaking of an RPM build, so that covers ever major RPM
distro I know of.

And if you allow $JAVA_HOME and --with-java-home= as a configure option,
and try /usr/lib/jvm/java first if none is specficed, then you will also
support Ubuntu out of the box without resorting to a hack.

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David Walluck
<david zarb org>
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