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Re: [fedora-java] What is the current Fedora / JPackage relationship?

> I've been looking to package up some java web frameworks and tools, but
> I've run into the issue of the fedora versions of some components being
> practically ancient, e.g. jakarta-commons-fileupload.  Now, this package
> was originally forked from JPackage, but appears to have stagnated in
> Fedora as opposed to JPackage which has continued on and has an
> up-to-date version in their repository.
> What is the general guidance for java packages on Fedora?  Should a java
> user/developer go to JPackage for all their java needs (a la RPMFusion
> for your binary graphics drivers and patent encumbered codecs), or
> should Fedora itself be packaging everything that is needed?  Do any
> Fedora packages also contribute to JPackage?  Furthermore, for the more
> pressing issue of severely outdated dependencies, should we be rebasing
> to the current JPackage, updating the existing specs, or creating new,
> modernized specs to update the packages?
I would say that most of the active Java Fedora packagers have the same 
relationship with JPackage as with Debian - we just take what/when/if we need 
and let other maintainers do the same when we are better. 
Java packages in Fedora has grown to a big number but in a different direction 
- JPackage is working more on server-side things while work in Fedora is more 
for end-users/developers e.g. Eclipse, Netbeans, OOo, IntelliJ Idea (Fedora 13 
feature) and KDE/Nepomuk/Soprano integration (slowly advancing

NOTE to all Eclipse users: If you install some/any of the Eclipse dependencies 
from JPackage it is almost sure that this will break your Eclipse environment 
due to missing OSGi metadata in JPackage rpms.


> Thanks,
> Aaron
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