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[fedora-java] strange ant bug


as mentioned earlier, I want to build bsf-2.4.0 with jython enabled. In
fact I cannot due to a weird bug in ant:

The buildfile has this in the root:
(line numbers 

        <patternset id="java.source.files">
                <!-- Optionally includes engines based on dependencies
being present -->
                <include name="**/bsf/*.java" />
                <include name="**/util/**/*.java" />
                <include name="**/jacl/**" if="jacl.present" />
                <include name="**/javascript/**" if="rhino.present" />
                <include name="**/jython/**" if="jython.present" />
                <include name="**/netrexx/**" if="netrexx.present" />
                <include name="**/xslt/**" if="xalan.present" />
                <include name="**/test/**" if="junit.present" />

The problem is, that this patternset is referenced in the prepare task:

<uptodate property="javac.notRequired"
	<srcfiles dir="${src.dir}">
		<patternset refid="javac.source.files" />

But ant cannot resolve the reference here and stops with an error saying
that the id 'javac.source.files' cannot be found.

Please note that this bug may not have affected anyone else till now,
due to the fact that in the original buildfile prepare always caused
clean which in turn removed the jar file.

Is that a bug or what?

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