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Re: Fedora LiveCD / Emergency Boot CD

On Wednesday 03 December 2003 10:01, Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> Another generalization would be tools that help build custom versions
> of LiveCD.
> Keith

That's one of my 'focus' point's since live cd's mostly need some special 
applications to be really usefull for a customer.

Question: would it be possible and usefull to add something like an 
'createlivecd' install option to the installer ? 

I currently use a shellscript to create the livecd master - (=/) filesystem on 
a running system from a comps file. (it dropps priviliges to an 'installuser' 
 to prevent damage to the host system and then just runs a relocated rpm 

I think it would be nice to do this from the common fedora installer - this 
would greatly ease the creation and maintenance of images for cd's, 
usb-sticks, ext. usb drives etc.).

Maybe there are some other people (like me ;-) who would find it usefull ? 



Dirk Westfal //Admin//RHCE/6.2//QB/DGQ 
mailto: root[/livelinux] nwst de 
livecd based on Redhat 9.0 :
server / xkde + openmosix : www.nwst.de / www.linux4all.de


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