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Re: upcoming mach 0.4.3 release

Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
Also, I had asked Matthias to symlink his RPMS.core to RPMS.os to be in
line with fedora.us, though I've been told fedora.us might change
themselves from RPMS.os to RPMS.core; this allows people to choose to
get Fedora Core RPMS from either freshrpms or fedora.us (Since at work
we have a freshrpms local mirror, I'm forced to using that one :))

The decision of "RPMS.os" rather than "RPMS.core" was based upon:
1) fedora.us is not permanent, so our tree will disappear in the future when the merger is complete.
2) We needed to launch the tree quickly when the time came, so for simplicity we copied the identical structure that we used for RH8 and RH9.

I haven't heard any discussion about moving to RPMS.core but I am certainly open to the idea. We would need to discuss ways of making a smooth transition for all clients though. Panu's upcoming apt requires reconfiguration of the client with his interactive mirror choosing program, so perhaps that would be an opportune time to make the switch.

apt in fedora.us QA, HELP US TEST!


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