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Re: Why is the fedora.us (Fedora Extras) repository growing so slowly??

Jaap A. Haitsma wrote:

Don't you think that a "bit of noise" on for instance the fedora-test mailing list (if that's ok with RedHat) would help.
Many people read that list and the probability of somebody interested in helping out therefore will increase.


Every once in a while I have been doing exactly as you suggest with certain packages that I thought several people would be interested in, but in most cases I get almost ZERO responses.

For example on more than two occasions I have mentioned powernowd, which I believe would be extremely beneficial to any laptop owner. When used with the 2.6 kernel cpufreq_userspace interface, it allows dynamic CPU speed adjustment based upon current load. It has been tested to work well with Athlon and VIA processors, and should theoretically work fine with Intel SpeedStep too if cpufreq works with your laptop.

Packages will sit forever in fedora.us QA if nobody bothers to even comment on them. And it is not useful to only say "It builds and runs fine for me." as this says nothing about spec file correctness and the security of the included sources. People that want to seriously contribute to package development and QA must show that they actively follow each point of the http://www.fedora.us/wiki/QAChecklist and consistently give good advice more than several times in order to build trust.

I am working on some ideas for fedora.us QA policy changes that should speed the publication of certain packages without lowering the bar of security requirements.

One example of a loosening of requirements might be:


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