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Re: Fedora Core 2 wishlists

On Mon, 2003-12-08 at 20:32, Bill Nottingham wrote:

> While I can see having multiple versions of some things on the system,
> I'm not sure why there's a *lot* of gain with having multiple
> versions of python. Unless, I suppose, you have large multi-threaded
> python server apps that don't quite work the same with later versions,
> but I don't know anyone that does that. :)

Zope, for example :)  It requires Python 2.1 (IIRC, I've been running
the binary build with Python built-in so I don't have to worry about
it).  Development and experimentation with later versions would be
another benefit; otherwise all those system-config-* and other Python
apps which are not tested with later versions might break.

> >  o GQ, LDAP browser.
> This was in at one point and was removed. It's probably an
> extras candidate.

I'd be happy with it in Extras; it's probably one of the top 10
applications I use regularly.

> >  o FreeRADIUS
> Erm... that's in FC1.

D'oh!  I remember this now.

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