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Re: Fedora Core 2 wishlists

Well, any one have experiences with Horde/IMP framework?  I
prefer it to squirrelmail.  It has a clean design, a complete
suite with calendar, tasks, ....  About webmail features itself,
I can't talk right now, as I have not checked latest

I use both Horde and Squirrelmail. My comments: 1. Horde

Coding style is clean and professional. It is something that I haven't mastered myself... :-) Keep very up2date with Pear development. Usually if you upgrade any Horde foundation, you should also check out Pear. Access testing.php will show you if you need upgrades. There are many plans for the modules that run on Horde, but most of them still in development, or look freezed... Horde itself is also heavy. I think optimize it with Zend should make it run faster. Configuration is a lot, but not very difficult to do. Currently I dare not try to customize the looks and feels... I think it will take a lot of times.

Out of the box it work well with Sendmail and UM Imap server. Configuration adjustment needed for other type of MTA/MDA. Must use MySQL (recommended).

2. Squirrelmail

Lightweight webmail and works all the times. Many pluggins available for Squirrelmail to enhance its basic functions. This include HTML composing, auto-restore if accidentally close the compose windows, mail fetch and so on. In term of features, it has many features and will definitely pleased the users.

It seems to be more updated than Horde. No need MySQL, just install it and it works out of the box. Configuration is simple -> just run conf.pl.

Coding style is organized and simpler to understand and follow. Have a feeling of easy hands-on. If I were to customize anything for Squirrelmail, I believe I can do it easily.

My favorite: Squirrelmail. But I have both available to my users to choose.

I am looking at Openwebmail too. Please note that I haven't install and deploy it yet. So the comments below is limited. But in general, I won't use it because:
1. Does not use IMAP to retrieve user mailbox. It accesses user mailbox is via disk (/var/mail/[users]). Not sure it support mbox or Maildir.
2. Looks like only work with Sendmail, Postfix...

However it has some nice stuffs worth looking at:
1. HTML composing (but already can do it in Squirrelmail)
2. Well support the Chinese locale. Most icon has the right name. Yes, it is written for Chinese users initially.
3. Looks and feel like Outlook Express or Exchange. So users are more familiar with it when switching over.
4. Share files with other users (require FTP server).

The overall design is very different than Horde or Squirrelmail. It seems to be a different approach.

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