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Re: Fedora Core 2 wishlists

Karl DeBisschop wrote:

Agreed.  Also, firebird and thunderbird haven't reached 1.0 yet.

Neither has pam.

What's more, in this case many of the bugs are actually bugs against
Gecko. So the difference between Mozilla 1.6 and FireBird's 0.8 may well
be semantic. Or the Firebird team has a higher standard of quality.
Surely that is a good thing.
I'm not worried about the Gecko bits.  That's fine, sure.  I'm worried about them breaking things before 1.0 which they have been perfectly willing to do in the past:


PLEASE NOTE: You should create a new profile for Mozilla Firebird 0.7. To create a new profile, start Mozilla Firebird by running MozillaFirebird.exe -p and click on the "Create Profile" button.

You must also delete your old Mozilla Firebird directory rather than just overwriting the files there. Not doing so WILL result in problems and you should not file any bugs on Mozilla Firebird unless you've first done a clean install and tested on a new profile. As Mozilla Firebird stabilizes more this will not be necessary but until then these steps are absolutely necessary.

That's not acceptable to me, nor would I expect it to be for my users.

And they don't even play nice together yet (you can't click on a link
in mail and have it open in the browser.)

If firebird is set up as your default browser in Gnome, clicking on the
link in Evolution works fine.

The bigger problem might be that you can't click on a mailto: link and
have it work. Firebird doesn't know about your Gnome prefernces in that
regard. I assume the same is true in KDE.
It's worse than that.  If you have firebird running and you click on a link in gnome, odds are that firebird will get the open event, and it can't handle those kinds of urls.  So your browser setup is busted.

Not sure what you mean by GRE
This means that firebird, the embedding widget (aka epiphany), thunderbird and seamonkey (what most people call "Mozilla") all share the same runtime.  This means they all use the same disk image, etc.  Lots of savings there.
I think there are a lot of good points here. OTOH, firebird is the
advertised direction that Mozilla.org is heading in, so I cite Fedora
objective #5: Be on the leading edge of open source technology, by
adopting and helping develop new features and version upgrades.

While I'm at it, #6 says: 'Emphasize usability and a "just works"
philosophy in selecting default configuration and designing features'
which could almost be a quote from the Firebird mission statement.
Except for the fact that it doesn't always "just work."  (see above.)

Christopher Blizzard

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