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RE: The Future of Fedora

Well. Let me rethink, and process your responses.

The most interesting ones came from:

Jesse Keating


Rui Miguel Seabra


However, I misagree with on many items.OS MUST be easy.

One man even wrote, that Linux must not, because it's for Professionals.

He made a GREAT mistake, because me and my father are Pro's and running WindowsXP,

and we see that a comfortable OS saves time. (while linux spends a lot of it on fight vs. the OS)


Questions by: Rui Miguel Seabra

>> 3)Boot:

>I don't understand such slow performance. Maybe you're doing something
>wrong (like having too many unneeded services starting up). Did you make
>a full installation?

>Also, the graphical boot does increase the boot time seriously.

Well, almost full install, and YES I run GUI, because otherwise Linux is useless.

Also I run all the default FC1 services. (including a DHCP client.)

I don't know any commands to enter for a command line.

>> 5) Multimedia: Under good drivers I mean the ability to see my battery's
>> power, plus ability to give to buttons 4 and 5 different functions:
>> like minimazing windows, copy text, forward and backward buttons on
>> Interet Explorer (Mozilla - is my favourite in Linux). Etc...

>Ah... maybe it's not a 5 button, but a 7 button mouse... I can't speak
>about those, I haven't ever had one to try to configure and haven't
>loked for that kind of information.

>A one wheel mouse has 5 buttons (usually). 1 and two you can tell
>immediately. 4 and 5 are up and down the wheel and 3 is pressing
>vertically the wheel.

>Perhaps you have a 7 or 9 button mouse?

I see you understand nothing in multi button mice.

Buttons 1,2,3 (left, right, scroll button) have standard function.

All other buttons are programmable. (4 and 5)

And YES, In the future I plan to use Logitech 8-button mouse.

They *can* have the following commands: (this list isn't full)

-Close -Copy -Ctrl -Cut -Delete -Explore -Help -Refresh -Find -Maximize -Minimize -Paste 

-Print screen -Redo -Run -Select All -Show/Hide desktop -Start -Tab -Undo


Again. I want to think a little more before I return to this discussions.

Thanks everyone for responses. (I like to have some feedbacks)

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