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Re: The Future of Fedora

On Wednesday 10 December 2003 14:07, Alexey Eremenko wrote:
> >Perhaps you have a 7 or 9 button mouse?
> I see you understand nothing in multi button mice.
> Buttons 1,2,3 (left, right, scroll button) have standard function.
> All other buttons are programmable. (4 and 5)

Ok, first of all, please stop posting in html email.  HTML is for 
websites, not text communication like email.

When speaking about multibutton mice, it's important to indicate whether 
or not you're speaking from the OS point of view of the hand point of 
view.  In Linux, quite seriously when you move the wheel up, it is 
telling the OS that you are pushing "button 4" and when you move the 
wheel down you are pushing "button 5".  When you click the wheel, 
you're pushing "button 3".  These are the signals that the mouse sends 
to the OS.  From the hand point of view, it just looks like two top 
buttons, two side buttons and a wheel scroll/button.  So in essence you 
are somewhat both right, but to claim that one knows nothing about 
multi-button mice is a complete fallacy.

Another thing you must consider is the fact that you find Windows easier 
to use because you've grown up using it.  There is nothing really wrong 
with this, people are more familiar to what they have spent the most 
time with.  I personally am far more comfortable on a Linux system than 
a windows system.  I find myself lost easily in Windows and I end up 
doing Bad Things(tm) to it by accident.  When trying to have a 
conversation about these issues, it's imperative that you look at it 
from BOTH sides before you start stating things.

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