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Re: Fedora Core 2 wishlists

Hi @all,

On Mo, 08 Dez 2003, Michael K. Johnson sent incredible lines:
> However, that won't be the ONLY feature of Fedora Core 2.  I'd like to
> hear people's wishlists.  Not everything will be possible, but it would
> be nice to have a good list from which to pick the possibilities, and
> from which to also pick ideas later for Fedora Core 3.

christmas time, wishlist time? ;-))

OK, these are the wishes from my side:

Wish 1:
    NTFS kernel support (any reason why it's not integrated?)
    Great improvment for FC2 on workstations with Windows installed
    (think this happend very often).

Wish 2:
    JFS/XFS support (also in installation)
    Both filesystems are stable and performing great in larger
    environmnents, so looks like an improvment for getting FC2
    focused to bigger servers also.

Wish 3:
    native IPSEC/X.509/SecurID support
    The combination of X.509 or SecurID is mainly used in all bigger
    companies I know about, so great for focus FC2 to bigger

Wish 4:
    Webbased CA support
    Related to wish above, gives the administrator the possibility
    to easy manage certificates (i.e. for IPSEC). A good looking
    tool I found at http://elyca.eurodev.net/.

Wish 5:
    J2EE server
    Many comercial companies currently develop Java application (SAP
    in the CRM i.e.). Would be nice to have a distro wich includes
    stuff like this.

Wish 6:
    newest cdrecord version
    Either I'm to stupid or the current version is not able to use
    dev=ATAPI:0,0,0 for IDE DVD writer. This would be, focused to the
    workstation, a nice possiblilty if FC2 is able to generate DVD
    without additional tools.

I think, that's from my side so far, maybe when I think about it on
my ski vacation the next week, I will find something more which
would be great in FC2 ;-)).

... may the Tux be with you! =Thomas=

P.S.: Great work on FC1 so far!
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