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Re: netplug [was Re: Automatically bringing ethernet interfaces upwhen the cableis connected]

On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 09:15, Bill Nottingham wrote:

> What's been discussed is the kernel natively exporting these
> interfaces over dbus, and handling them that way.

Who's this been discussed with?  I think, from experience, that the
networking maintainers would have a fit if you tried to get them to talk
dbus.  I can even outline the course of the flamage for you: "use
netlink sockets, they're the one true way".

I can certainly extend netplug to generate dbus events; that's no
problem, fits entirely in userspace, and won't result in flamage from
David or Alexey :-)

How about decoupling it into a daemon that generates dbus events, and
another daemon that listens for dbus events and performs sensible
default actions?  That way, you get modularity, the ability to change
the behaviour if necessary, plus a reasonable default behaviour.


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