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Re: FC1 Support for *relative* new hardware

Am Mo, den 15.12.2003 schrieb Jef Spaleta um 20:27:
> Thorsten Leemhuis :
> > Yes, therefore my current proposal was an independent repository 
> > where you can find never drivers for the current Fedora Core 
> > version.
> oh great...yet another repository in the 3rd party repository space.....

Especial a 3rd party repository is not my intention.

I'm searching for a way that makes it *easy* for people to
(automatically) download never drivers if they *really need them* that
*doesn't* concern any users that don't need them. I don't want to set
the normal users out any risk if they are satisfied with their current

> If you are talking about open source drivers, then well, why can't you
> use the fedora.us process right now to build up extra drivers?

Then each and every user will get them -- that is not my intention.

BTW: I'm working with fedora.us, see the alsa-packages.


> Either way...if people were really interested in trying to contribute
> add-on hardware drivers, isn't there a place in the existing repository
> ecosystem right now for people to contribute such efforts?

Do you see one that doesn't concerns the people that don't need this
updated packages? I would be glad to hear. I currently don't:

- If they use rawhide it's not really easy. 
- If they add update/testing repository to their yum.conf they'll get
updates for the kernel and other stuff they don't want and normally
don't need for printer-drivers

Maybe a yum/apt/up2date where you could add a repository and config
"only package X and it's dependencies" would be solution for 
updates/testing. In yum it's AFAIK not possible, the other I don't know.


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