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Re: Yet another futuristic wishlist item

Gene C. wrote:
> I would think that this should almost be a separate endevor (perhaps 
> handled  outside of Red Hat by community developers).  To some extent
> this sounds a  bit like the rescue cd which was part of earlier Red 
> Hat Linux or KNOPPIX or  BBC or ...

There are lots of things that can start as separate endeavors. But
right now under current policy guidance, no other bootable/installable
media images other than the official install media images provided as
part of the fedora project, can use the fedora trademark.  This is of
course plenty of room for people to experiment with livecds and
microscopic rescue cds that fit on a grain of sand...but they can't be
called 'Fedora' as things stand. And really the point of my wish was to
be able to provide users timely guidance if they have to enter rescue
mode from the install media. Of course not all reasons for entering
rescue mode are easy to walk people through. But there are common
reasons (grub reinstall to mbr for example), that can be described and
walked through via troubleshooting documentation. And if you are going
to go through the trouble of having troubleshooting documentation, why
not package it into a form that people can see it and use it when the
need it? 

But besides the obvious 'the community can experiment a lot on their
own' arguments.... since Fedora does has an official documentation
subproject and the official install media does have a rescue mode. It's
seems perfectly reasonable to me, to work towards making the
troubleshooting documents that will eventually be created by the
documentation group easy to get to and to use as a reference as part of
official media, in such a way that people will find them when they need

-jef"nyquil is kicking in now"spaleta

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