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Drive labels (was: Yet another futuristic wishlist item)

On Fri, 19 Dec 2003 13:50:10 +0100
Thomas Hille <thomas hille nightsabers org> wrote:

> Nevertheless this is an issue. Some days ago I installed the hd of
> another pc into my own. But fc mounts the last "/" partition it finds -
> ie on the highest drive. That is obviously always the wrong in the case
> when there are two. The only way to avoid mounting the wrong partition
> was to remove all that labeling stuff and use plain /dev/hda1 style
> entries in the fstab.
> Maybe we should drop using labels at all? To be honest I don't know what
> they are good for anyway. Or instead of using the hostname use a random
> number? Other suggestions maybe?

Hi Thomas,

The problem is sticking with only the default labels.   Making your own
label names will stop conflicts like this.   Different drive, different
label.  In anticipation of adding the second drive into your machine you
could have relabelled one of the drives.

Labels are rather handy to have when you swap drives between machines in
keeping everything straight and having drives mounted properly easily.


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