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Possible bug

Hi fellows, recently I have reinstalled Fedora (a long history about my school exams =P), but I get the same error that the first time I installed fedora, which I think it's a bug, so I will ask you if happens to somebody.
After start Gnome through gdm, I open Mozilla and when I try to write either the url textbox, or in the document, the app gets frozen, there's no error, no close message, nothing, only froze; I thought maybe could be Mozilla, I download MozillaFirebird, and the same; later I try with WMaker (compiling by 'hand'), and same (this without exit the gpm); when I put the inittab in initlevel 3 (to avoid gdm), restart and run WMaker it run smoothly, no problem seems to happen; I haven't try to run first gnome (without gdm) and try Mozilla/MozillaFirebird; so I Think could be a problem with gdm an Mozilla (the only clue I have).

did this happen to somebody?

My Computer is a Dell PII 233, if this could help; and it have Fedora Core 1.


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