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Re: Kernel RPM Question

First of all, please snip all unnecessary text when you reply. In particular, this goes for the auto-generated footer.

the new kernel. However, I'm still not quite sure of how you setup your
kernel that is used on the install cds during the installation to work on
different machines. This scriptlet shows how it is installed, but I am
mainly wondering how kernel is setup to be so versatile that it will work
on different systems.

If you're asking how the kernel is configured, you'll find the config files for each kernel in the /usr/src/linux-2.4/configs/ directory, if you have the kernel-source rpm installed (not the same as kernel-2.4.bla-src.rpm!). You can load it from make menufonfig and/or make xconfig, then play around with the options.

I believe that the installation kernel is the one with BOOT in the name.

/Peter Backlund

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