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Re: RPM building section of RHL's developer guide

Jos Vos wrote :

> For the rest I agree with most comments.  It's nice to see that
> others also think in so much detail about spec files, including a
> discussion about a dot at the end of the summary line ;-).

But I can imagine from here poor Jeff ripping his hair off because of
people discussing futile spec file aspects when there isn't even a spec
file grammar :-)

I'm personally glad too to see that some initial recommendations have been
written, instead of some strict guidelines that could have been tossed at

Now what I'd love to see is a publicly accessible CVS repository of all
current Red Hat Linux spec files (and associated files like initscripts,
patches, menu entries...). It would become much easier to track ongoing
changes and submit patches. And after, even easier for Red Hat to get
external contributions in one place. I guess the CVS instructions in the
Developer Guide aren't there by pure luck ;-)


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