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Re: xmms release number

On Tue, 30 Sep 2003, Dan Young wrote:

> What relation (if any) does /usr/share/doc/rpm-<version>/GROUPS have
> here? Is this maintained seperately, being part of the rpm package
> instead of comps?

The GROUPS file provides a (not terribly well-defined) set of
broad categories for packages. A GROUP tends to define what a package
does (it's a library, daemon, application, documentation), though in
some cases it defines a relationship (it's part of the Base system).

The comps.xml file provides package groupings for installation tools.
The comps file combines packages of differing GROUPS into a useful
installation category. For example, the Red Hat 9 "Printing Support"
comps group includes packages from all sorts of GROUPS:

  4Suite:                Development/Libraries
  a2ps:                  Applications/Publishing
  cups:                  System Environment/Daemons
  enscript:              Applications/Publishing
  ghostscript:           Applications/Publishing
  hpijs:                 Applications/Publishing
  ttfprint:              System Environment/Base
  redhat-config-printer: System Environment/Daemons

The newer comps.xml mechanism also has a way to specify
installation-time dependencies.

--Paul Heinlein <heinlein madboa com>

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