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Re: Fedora Project: Announcing New Direction

Sean Millichamp wrote:
on some machines. However, for at least half of the machines I manage even RHEL Basic Edition will be too expensive on a per-year basis so I
know that I will have no choice but to be supporting at least Fedora.

Red Hat could offer you a redistribution contract. You pay a fairly high fee for the right to redistribute the updates to you customers. It should be managed so that the per customer/system price you must charge is reasonable to the customer, say $50/year/system. You then setup you own RHN satellite server, that only your customers can access.
I know Red Hat offers a satellite service of some sort, but I don't know the details.

I this model _YOU_ are Red Hat's customer, not your customers. Every system you install/maintain is in the support contract you pay for (So 100 systems/month is ~1200 systems this year). You pay the fee for 1000+ systems, which includes discounts I'm sure, and resell to your customers. Any customers that have a large enought installation (say 100 or 250 systems) would be requred to purchase direct from Red Hat, posibly contracting you for performing the maintaince.


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