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Re: PowerPC support

On Oct 1, 2003 at 16:46, axel c in a maddening rage wrote:

>On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 13:48, ne... wrote:
>> >I'm a bit confused by that bit. If Fedora is focused on the 'developer,
>> >hobbyist, enthusiast', does that mean there won't be a RedHat for the
>> >Basic, Unskilled, Clueless Joe Desktop User?
>> Don't be confused. See http://fedora.redhat.com/about/rhel.html
>> for what will be targeted towards what in terms of users. Also
>> take into consideration that Redhat is getting out of the consumer
>> retail market. I would say it is about time that poor Basic, 
>> Unskilled,  Clueless Joe Desktop User needs to start acquiring
>> some skills as cynical as that might sound.
>Hmmm. If that means my (mostly clueless) gf won't get an out of the box,
>'just works' desktop system then i better start looking for another
>distro for her... Will fedora be broken into 'stable' and 'unstable'
>branches like debian? Or will it be something more like 'it's Rawhide
>but a bit less broken' ? Thanks
My take so far. Corrections from the authorities may be needed.

Fedora Core is in Beta test mode right now. The stable version
when it gets released will Fedora [Core] 1. This will be on par
with previous Redhat releases 9, 8.0, 7.3, 7.2 etc. It won't be
boxed by Redhat. You will be able to d'l it and burn etc. This
will contain stuff that Redhat would legally, according to Redhat's
legal team, be able to release in the US and elsewhere. If you
need extras, Fedora Extras may provide this. If these extras contain
stuff that the Redhat Legal Team deem cannot be provided by
Redhat, Redhat will not link to these. Please remember that Redhat
is a publicly traded company. They have legal responsibilities
towards their shareholders.

About ease of use for the clueless, if they have the skills
to d'l and burn it, they should be able to install it with
the usual caveats of course. If you have esoteric hardware,
cross your fingers and your toes. 'Bout your gf, well you
helping her should bring the two of you closer (-:. It will
strive to be a release Redhat will be proud of, not something
like Rawhide.

Would it be like Debian??? Some aspects will, most won't.
Expect yum to take the place of apt-get with the equivalent
funtionality provided. Expect stables releases every 4-6
months. Expect still smoother upgrades. Regressions should
be few and far between.


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