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Re: Fedora Project: Announcing New Direction

Otto Haliburton wrote:

One of the reasons would be trademark law.  If free
distribution of things with the Red Hat name and logo
were allowed, the trademark would be invalid very
quickly ... ;)

I think that's what I said in the previous email.  They can't license and
patent a product that is freely distributed and their profit has been is in
support of the open source product and that has created a high degree of
instability for a commercial product.

No it's not. And once again you talk of licening and patents. Total unrelated to trademark law. Don't confuse copyright, trademark, and patent laws.

Once again RHEL is an open source product (at least mostly). Red Hat can not prevent you from redistributing it (GPL/BSD and other open liscense parts at least). Now if you excersice you rights under those liscenses, Red Hat is free to revoke you liscense for RHN service.

Read the liscens agreement for RHEL/RHN. If you violate the terms (like not having all machines registered) Red Hat's recourse it to nolonger allow access to RHN and other support.


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