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Re: PowerPC support

On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 10:46, axel c wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 13:48, ne... wrote:
> > >I'm a bit confused by that bit. If Fedora is focused on the 'developer,
> > >hobbyist, enthusiast', does that mean there won't be a RedHat for the
> > >Basic, Unskilled, Clueless Joe Desktop User?
> > Don't be confused. See http://fedora.redhat.com/about/rhel.html
> > for what will be targeted towards what in terms of users. Also
> > take into consideration that Redhat is getting out of the consumer
> > retail market. I would say it is about time that poor Basic, 
> > Unskilled,  Clueless Joe Desktop User needs to start acquiring
> > some skills as cynical as that might sound.
> Hmmm. If that means my (mostly clueless) gf won't get an out of the box,
> 'just works' desktop system then i better start looking for another
> distro for her... Will fedora be broken into 'stable' and 'unstable'
> branches like debian? Or will it be something more like 'it's Rawhide
> but a bit less broken' ? Thanks

The user interface goals of the desktop and installer for Fedora Core
will continue to be very similar to those of Red Hat Linux. Simplicity
and ease of use is a very big part of that.

At least as far as Red Hat is concerned, trying to do one thing for
RHEL and a different thing for Fedora would require effort that we'd
rather not spend.

So, Fedora should be roughly as easy to use as Red Hat Linux is now.
Hopefully better, because we are always looking to improve in that

I'd also expect (and hope) that Fedora releases will be reasonably
non-buggy. There won't be so much emphasis on getting things "perfect",
but there is a test release process, and any bugs that slip into
the final release will presumably be quickly fixed by updates.

What isn't going to be there is "stability" in the sense that you
can just install a box with Fedora 1, train someone how to use it,
and expect it to stay the exactly the same for 2 years, 3 years, etc.

In summary, I think Fedora should be fine for your gf; it's not
meant to be a hackers-only operating system. But it's not going to
be the right choice for someone like your gf who doesn't have 
a local expert around to turn to if something does go wrong.


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