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Network nirvana [Re: Since Fedora is not aimed atenterpise/business ..]

On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 11:43, Dax Kelson wrote:

> The nirvana Linux network setup includes the following:
> * LDAP directory
> * Kerberos Authentication
> * Autofs for home directories
> * Kerberized NFSv4

Thought question ... most of the above is present currently
but takes a real expert to get going.

What needs to be done to make it possible so that, given say,
a network of 50 workstations, someone who has never done
it before could get such a network going in a day?

This almost certainly includes 

 - Documentation
 - GUI setup and management tools (*)
 - Better configuration defaults

It also might involve

 - Making things that require configuration currently
   "just work" though automatic detection.

Not a question that really matters for large deployments, that
*do* have experts, but quite important in other situations.

(*) The management part of it here is important. A GUI wizard
    that writes all the config files doesn't do any good if
    the first time you go to change something, you have to
    learn all the details that you avoided learning initially.
    It's not that it should *look* simple, it should *be* simple.

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