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Re: Kind request: Set release version to "10"

On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 11:00, Axel Thimm wrote:
> > How many packages would that be?
> How many? All the ones from my repo for instance. Same for other
> repos. Some of the repos have intertwining dependencies that would
> also need to be updated.

Well, this is a piece of legacy that you have created for yourself. You
have opted to use an unreliable way of providing "upgradeability" for
the packages you ship that was never guaranteed to be a foolproof
solution. It is not fair to demand that this system should be continued
simply because you made a choice that might have seemed a good one in
the past, but ended up creating unnecessary legacy out of which you
cannot get out (or are unwilling).

It was never guaranteed that the versioning of releases would remain
consistent, and most packagers who have seen the jump from 8.0 to 9 have
quickly realized that making the OS version part of their release is a
very icky way of guaranteeing package upgradeability.

You've dug this hole for yourself, and I do not think it is fair to
expect us all to jump down it.

Konstantin ("Icon") Riabitsev
Duke Physics Sysadmin, RHCE

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