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Re: Network nirvana [Re: Since Fedora is not aimed at enterpise/business..]

> In reading Dax's email (and personally knowing Dax to be a "real
> expert"), I had the same thought.  I'd love to learn how to set this all
> up in a day.  Even two or three days would be worth it.
> Anybody willing to contribute a "Quick and Dirty Guide to Network
> Nirvana in Three Days or Less"?  Maybe just pointers to existing
> documentation?  Places to start?  Things to watch out for?  Known
> gotchas?

I think it's unrealistic to do that in a day if you aren't an expert. At 
best, it'd be by rote instructions. Any variance would send you spiraling 
into a weeks worth of troubleshooting (which IMHO is excellent practice). 
I'm always happy to let our junior sysadmins go down those trails, but 
time sensitive projects require experience.


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