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Re: Kind request: fix your packages

Since Red Hat will need to do this through all their spec files anyway,
what will the ways that they will check for dependencies and such in
files in the future. 

Sendmail is a common package that has a lot of dependency code in it
with lines like:

%if %{errata} <= 70
%define sendmailcf usr/lib/sendmail-cf
%define sendmailcf usr/share/sendmail-cf
%if %{errata} >= 72
%define smshell /sbin/nologin
%define smshell /dev/null
There is also code in one RPM I thought that compiles differnetly for
RHEL over RHL and would I am guessing would soon need a check for FC.

Since RH will need to maintain RPMS for RHEL, RHL<9 til Dec 31, and RHL
9 til Apr.. it might be a good idea to come up with a common syntax now
that each of these RPMS could have at the top that would allow for these
sort of defines to be done by the machine it is being built on.

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