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Re: Since Fedora is not aimed at enterpise/business ..

On Wed, 1 Oct 2003, Stephen Smoogen wrote:

> We are using GSSAPI which I think is a strata above Kerberos, but
> possibly could be used in many other things. I have been told by both
> the clustering and applications teams that they prefer using it over
> straight Kerberos. I will say that I am just a layman here.. I am only
> 1/10th through the new Kerberos O'Reilly book and also various
> Cryptography books. 

It's not really a matter of a strata above. Rather, GSSAPI is more similar
to PAM. GSSAPI is a standardized API for client-server authentication.  
Kerberos supports GSSAPI. Rather than explicitly kerberizing your apps, your
developers can GSSAPI them, and then they're automatically kerberized (but
would also be usable with any other protocols which support GSSAPI)


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