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Re: Network nirvana [Re: Since Fedora is not aimed atenterpise/business ..]

Le mer 01/10/2003 à 18:22, Owen Taylor a écrit :
> On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 11:43, Dax Kelson wrote:
> > The nirvana Linux network setup includes the following:
> > 
> > * LDAP directory
> > * Kerberos Authentication
> > * Autofs for home directories
> > * Kerberized NFSv4
> Thought question ... most of the above is present currently
> but takes a real expert to get going.
> What needs to be done to make it possible so that, given say,
> a network of 50 workstations, someone who has never done
> it before could get such a network going in a day?

And I'd even add samba domain controller that uses the krb5+ldap setup
as user database. Most small networks include at least a few legacy

This can be done and I even did a bastardised setup with a 7.3 server,
but I can confirm it's a major PITA and most small businesses (which
would kill for a setup) can not afford a software engineer to set it up.

Biggers edus/corps will use custom setups anyway and single computer
networks have no need of this, but any small 2-50 computer network would
benefit from it.

Really given how samba have matured a prebuild ldap+krb+nfs+samba combo
should be possible nowadays.

[ and I for one do not care about the gui stuff, if it's yet another
wizard people have to work around I do not need it, however having the
default config files working out of the box instead of having to master
4-5 howtows before the first login would be great ]


Nicolas Mailhot

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