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Re: Since Fedora is not aimed at enterpise/business ..

Le mer 01/10/2003 à 22:32, Bill Anderson a écrit :

> I'd say Kerberos is a lot less prevalent than one would expect from
> reading what happens when someone suggest we not make everything depend
> on it. I've been an admin at HP, overseeing thousands and thousands of
> HPUX and Linux machines. No Kerberos whatsoever. In fact, of the dozens
> of companies, dozens of no-profs, and hundreds of people I've been
> involved with on a Linux level, not a single one of them is using
> Kerberos, or has any positive response in favor of doing that.

And why ? Because it's a PITA to setup. And it shouldn't have to. Really
if people could remove all the nis/hesiod legacy and focus on making the
"best" techs easy to use we wouldn't be there. It's very close to
pre-HIG Gnome on that point : do everything, and do nothing good.

Right now a RH/Fedora box can plug into lots of different networks but
can drive none of them (easily) which kind of restricts its usage as a
fringe tech in greater wholes managed by something else (and makes in a
no-go fro small networks)

(at least someone dumped the Novell integration at one point)

Nicolas Mailhot

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