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Re: Developer's Guide

I applied most of your changes. The one I didn't apply was the one
about CVS. Since we don't have the infrastructure to give external
users accounts on CVS yet, I don't want to imply that in the
docs. Instead, I added a note that says anonymous access does not give
you write permissions.

The changes should appear on the website shortly.

Thanks for the patch,

On Thu, Sep 25, 2003 at 11:43:18PM +0330, Roozbeh Pournader wrote:
> Attached is a suggested patch for the Developer's Guide document,
> against the current version in CVS.
> One issue I didn't patch, is that 'epoch' is never explained in the
> document, although it's referenced twice. It certainly needs to be
> written about, since there are people who don't know what it is (I
> didn't).
> Changes are:
> 1. Fixed a typo in the legal notice.
> 2. Explained that anonymous access, as specified in the CVS guidelines,
> is not enough for changing the files on the server.
> 3. Mentioned that the Guidelines on RPM should be used as a checklist
> (almost all of its items were already explained elsewhere).
> 4. Mentioned that 'all' of the criteria should be met for a Beta
> Exception (was I right?)
> roozbeh


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