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Re: artwork project

G Henry wrote:

Gimp is tough going sometimes, as it's all over the place (My opinion), I was
just wondering if there were some I haven't heard of.

For Linux, basically, there's GIMP and only GIMP.

It's actually a great program, once you get used to the quirks. I've been using it for a number of years now (since around 1995 really).

The way I cope with the GIMP's UI is by opening it on its own virtual workspace and using sloppy focus. I also have a few custom keybindings to often used things to help speed up the process (and to avoid the multi-nested right-mouse menus a little bit).

Also, having a tablet can help with some procedures, although I need to get mine working again (upgrading the kernel or XFree86 often breaks support unfortunately, as the kernel driver does things it shouldn't do, for no reason).

Have you got any guides started?

Nope; not yet.

I would like to do what I can.



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