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Re: Open Office 1.1 suggestion

I really would like to put in some nice looking icons.  There are a
couple options:

1) The ximian set.  These are high-quality 32-bit RGBA icons, but
require that a number of patches to support RGBA bitmaps be applied to
OOo.  These aren't trivial patches, but of course Ximian has been using
them for a while.  There are a lot of icons here too.

2) The kdelook.org ones.  These are very nice-looking too, and fairly
simple to install, though it does require tcl as a prerequisite for the
bundled scripts.  There also is to my knowledge no nice way to change
toolbar sets with the included scripts except through the command-line,
though this could be created.  There also aren't as many icons here as
the Ximian icons.

So to do this, we'd need to (1) determine which icon set to use, and (2)
if using the KDE ones determine how the user would switch icons sets, or
(2a) determine whether we should simply pick a set and screw the rest,
and then (3) make it work.

I'm busy putting together a 1.1 package for Fedora now, and after I get
the first cut done then I'm going to be bringing in more and more
patches that seem useful.  So icons probably won't get in the first
release of the package, but definitely could come in later.


On Fri, 2003-10-03 at 11:53, Jens Knutson wrote:
> --- w fm3 <wfm3 hotmail com> wrote:
> > It would be really cool if the standard install package could include
> > 
> > something like the below by default
> At the very least, what are the odds of including Ximian's nice icon
> set?
>  - jck
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