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Re: Open Office 1.1 suggestion

On Fri, 2003-10-03 at 14:36, Dan Williams wrote:
> Havoc,
> This would be ideal of course, but it would take a bit of work.  The
> icons are specified in configuration files in OOo and are _not_
> dynamically found in any way.  A good amount of surgery would be
> required to get them to see the freedesktop.org ones.  Perhaps a better
> solution would be to an Icon Set Framework allowing arbitrary
> collections of icons to be used, along with a UI for changing the set or
> setting it to the "System Default", taken from the current theme.  This
> too would take yet more surgery.

Conceptually the right thing to do is to have OpenOffice internally
have a concept of "named icon resources". Then you would have:

 A) The default cross-platform way of doing named icon resource => icon 

 B) The freedesktop way of doing the translation which involves
    1) converting the OO.org name into a freedesktop name for the
    icon if necessary 2) looking up the freedesktop name via the
    icon theme spec.

 C) Other platform specific ways, if useful.

Although making the default way allow switching between sets might
be a good way of "sugar coating" the necessary code changes, it
isn't directly useful for OO.org within GNOME or KDE. When running
on a freedesktop.org platform, OO.org should be using the
freedesktop.org icon mechanism.

Lots of work there, though.


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