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Re: GUI xml-rpc bugzilla tool


It pretty much scared me that I knew the origin of the name of this

...glad to know I'm not alone.


On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 12:00, Stephen Smoogen wrote:
> And for all those interested in the US.. the Godzuki movie seems to be
> available at Walmarts far and wide right now. You too can see a proud
> Godzilla help his son make smoke rings while a little child in shorts
> beats up bullies.
> On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 12:49, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> > Adrian Likins <alikins redhat com>:
> > > And on a similar note, `bugzuki` is a commandline tool using
> > > the same interfaces...
> > > 
> > > see http://people.redhat.com/alikins/repo/RPMS/
> > 
> > Bugzuki is interesting.  If the XML-RPC stuff becomes part of stock
> > Bugilla I would reallyu like to see it ship generally with Bugzilla.
> > I'd switch over the fedora-submit tool I'm planning to do to using it.
Ken Crandall <crandall redhat com>
Red Hat, Inc.

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