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Re: alpha architecture

On Friday 03 October 2003 15:01, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> On Thu, 2 Oct 2003, Jim wrote:
> >I have the HP edition of RH7.2 installed on a 21164 533Mhz pc164lx.  All
> >is well with the system and I have had no problems except that there are
> >no software updates/upgrades to the latest versions of applications I need
> >such as postgresql/php/apache/ssl etc.  Then I ran across the Fedora
> >project and noticed that the latest alpha rpm's for these applications
> >were availible for download.  The problem is that they don't work on the
> >7.2 release and rpm -Uvh for the packages I need give me countless failed
> >deps as I expected they would.  Will there be an upcomming alpha iso
> >release for the latest redhat version?  If not, I would like to port
> >an updated rh release for the alpha architecture.  If any one is doing
> >this already or if anybody needs help doing this I'd be pleased to help
> >out.  If someone is already doing this could you please point me in the
> >right direction?
> Myself, Jeff Garzik, Richard Henderson, Phil "Bryce" Copeland and
> various people from DEC/COMPAQ/HP have been slowly making evil
> plans to work on an alpha port of the current distribution
> sometime soon.  We have no details as of yet, but once we are
> ready to start building and pushing packages we'll let people
> know here.  The intent is to make a Fedora/Alpha distribution.

Oh, cool !
kudos, power, and unlimited 32/24 time to you guys !!

All the best,

> That is all the detail I have for now.  When there is more
> information, we will announce it here.

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Life is an opportunity to create meaning.

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