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Re: artwork project

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 21:03, Garrett LeSage wrote:

> Also, having a tablet can help with some procedures, although I need to 
> get mine working again (upgrading the kernel or XFree86 often breaks 
> support unfortunately, as the kernel driver does things it shouldn't do, 
> for no reason).

Hmm, mine works from an X or kernel POV, but the way current gimp 1.3
handles input devices is a bit cumbersome for me -- I was used to change
GIMP tools for the tablet tools by just clicking with the tool on the
toolbox, now I have to open the device status dialog, click on the
tablet tool's tool icon, another dialog opens in which I can change it.
Just a wee bit cumbersome.

I hope that'll change for the final version.

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