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Re: alpha architecture

On Thu, 2003-10-02 at 14:16, Jim wrote:
> I have the HP edition of RH7.2 installed on a 21164 533Mhz pc164lx.  All
> is well with the system and I have had no problems except that there are
> no software updates/upgrades to the latest versions of applications I need
> such as postgresql/php/apache/ssl etc.  Then I ran across the Fedora
> project and noticed that the latest alpha rpm's for these applications
> were availible for download.  The problem is that they don't work on the
> 7.2 release and rpm -Uvh for the packages I need give me countless failed
> deps as I expected they would.  Will there be an upcomming alpha iso
> release for the latest redhat version?  If not, I would like to port
> an updated rh release for the alpha architecture.  If any one is doing
> this already or if anybody needs help doing this I'd be pleased to help
> out.  If someone is already doing this could you please point me in the
> right direction?
> Thanks,
> Jimmy Green 

God how I wish so, I have the hardware, but not the knowledge. I have a
working Dual 667Mhz UP2000 (ev67), a Dual 533Mhz AS1200 (ev6), a
Personal Workstation 500au (ev5, iirc), a Single 533 SX164 (pca56) and
even a functional 233 Multia (ev4). Back when Red Hat had an Alpha
distribution, I used to support it. But I am not a developer. If you
ever do get an Alpha project going, I can test it on a bunch of
hardware. Right now I only run the UP2000 on a day-to-day basis.

I have not been able to build a working Alpha kernel in a long time. I
however won't have time to look at this again until 2004. I'll be in
Manila, Philippines from next Saturday until Dec.15, and won't really be
home until after the holidays.

Chris Kloiber
Red Hat, Inc.

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