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Re: sane dependencies -- a positive look at 'fix your packages'

Le sam 04/10/2003 à 23:49, Havoc Pennington a écrit :

> So ways to improve this might include:
>  - a way to bundle a set of RPMs into a single user-visible file, 
>    so you can have an "uninstalled app" visible in the file manager

Actually the smart thing would be to distribute apt/yum/up2date profiles
that match an usage, and let them the package manager download the parts
that are not installed yet and all second, third, fourth... -level

I'll be strongly suspicious of any application-level bundling. Upstream
projects just do not care enough to get all peripheral stuff right. OTOH
some way to specify weak user-level dependencies (like "my doc is in pdf
- get yourself a pdf reader") would help many people ("hard"
dependencies ie stuff that is required by the code to work being handled
the usual rpm way).


Nicolas Mailhot

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