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Re: [Univ-linux] Future unsupported Red Hat Linux systems

> There is a lot of people out there waiting for an answer.
> Should I change to other distribution, buy Enterprise edition or
> waiting for a miracle ?
> People wants to take a decission now, or next month like late.
> And still there is not an 'official' unofficial announce about the project ;-)
> Three months and counting down...

People want a lot of things, they don't always get them. Right now I
think that way you can help is not by demanding  action and dates and
names but by figuring out what packages you think you'll need errata for
the most and maybe familiarizing yourself with how they are currently
patched by red hat.

If you want dates and plans then how about this:
Dates: when errata is needed.
Plans: use the current fedora.us infrastructure to upload packages and
get them QA'd until the fedora extras infrastructure and build systems
are implemented.


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