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Re: [Univ-linux] [Fwd: Re: Future unsupported Red Hat Linux systems]


I hate cross posting but since all this discussion is on all the mailing
lists and I'm not...here I go :-)

I'm mainly interested in Fedora Legacy.  I'd rather work here that beta
testing the latest and greatest from my friends across the street.  I've
agreed to work with / maintain OpenAFS and LPRng and I'll probably pick
up others.

I'm the Linux guy at NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Red Hat is right across the street.  I maintain a linux distribution
based off of what was RHL and we are quite dependant on it...which
should explain my interest in Legacy.  Also, I really need at good 18
months of errata for each release I support.

Other resources:  ftp.linux.ncsu.edu will no doubt mirror Fedora.  I
mean, what else am I supposed to put there?  :-)  I am also working to
get another machine set up that can mirror other stuff and/or be a
public build server.  All I need is a SCA -> 68 pin SCSI adaptor.  

Jack Neely

> It has always been in the plans, but along with Fedora Legacy it should
> not be opened unless I see a strong commitment from a dozen+ developers
> that will continue to work on security errata after RH's EOL.  I
> personally don't have the time nor interest in working on old software,
> however I will support the build system and distribution of such a
> project if the developers exist.
> Jesse Keating has indicated he wishes OEM companies and Universities to
> unite and commit resources and clue to this effort, so I have asked him
> to become the interim organizer for Legacy.  Please help him find more
> people who would be committed.  It is important that there be enough
> people to keep this self sustaining because I feel it would be
> irresponsible to publish this repository if security updates are not
> maintained.
> For now have them organize here on fedora-devel fedora us   If traffic
> becomes large enough we can ask RH and create a new list perhaps at
> fedora-legacy redhat com or something.
> Warren

Jack Neely <slack quackmaster net>
Realm Linux Administration and Development
PAMS Computer Operations at NC State University
GPG Fingerprint: 1917 5AC1 E828 9337 7AA4  EA6B 213B 765F 3B6A 5B89

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