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Re: [Univ-linux] Future unsupported Red Hat Linux systems

> For those that have it in their power, a fedora-legacy mailling list would be 
> appreciated.
> When I look at the fedora-legacy web pages, that's all I see, FEDORA legacy, 
> no redhat legacy.  To me this is saying that they have no intentions of 
> allowing the community to put RedHat legacy in there (such as RedHat 7.3, or 
> RedHat 9).
> Is this true?
> If it isn't, (meaning the community can support old redhat releases at the 
> fedora-legacy area) it would be nice if we started at least getting the 
> framework setup for the older RedHat legacy stuff.  This would allow us to 
> start testing mirrors and such.  As well as give people a place to communicate 
> in a more central place.

Since red hat might not be interested in supporting a fedora-legacy in
any way, shape or form, I could host a list here  at duke.

We've already got the infrastructure for the various lists. If someone
wants to be the list admin just let me know. Jesse?


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