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Re: [Univ-linux] Future unsupported Red Hat Linux systems

On Monday 06 October 2003 07:56, seth vidal wrote:
> Since red hat might not be interested in supporting a fedora-legacy
> in any way, shape or form, I could host a list here  at duke.
> We've already got the infrastructure for the various lists. If
> someone wants to be the list admin just let me know. Jesse?

We're waiting to see if RH wants us to host it on their server or not.  
At this point I'm thinking no, Warren, any input?

Seriously until we get some feedback from RH as to what all we can do 
and how much we can integrate into the Fedora project, there is little 
to discuss w/out risk of having the whole discussion rendered null and 
void when things are finally made clear.  But...

Jesse Keating RHCE MCSE
Mondo DevTeam (http://www.microwerks.net/~hugo/)

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