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Re: Kind request: Set release version to "10"

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On Tue, 7 Oct 2003 00:02:20 +0200, Axel Thimm wrote:

> Please Michael, stop misquoting me, it has become a bad habit of
> yours. While it definitely is a kludge, you (deliberately?) skip my
> main concerns about this scheme being broken by all rpm versions up to
> this January, making this idiom unsuitable for "Fedora Legacy".

Rest assured, I'm out of this thread. I'm back when there are serious
attempts at developing a versioning scheme for Fedora Legacy, such as
using %{release}.0.X.Y (where 0.X.Y is e.g. 0.7.3 for Valhalla and 0.9
for Shrike), instead of trying to find a compromise for current 3rd
party repositories.

My final comments here. You're complicating matters. I'm aware that
for older versions of RPM (<= 4.1 or 4.1.1, I don't know), 

  rh73 < 1fdr  *and*  1fdr < rh73

so that would be a problem for upgrade chanells which don't update RPM
to a better version. But where has been defined that Fedora Legacy
will carry packages with rh* disttags? Fedora Legacy has other
problems that must be considered. Obviously, packages for a Fedora
Legacy supported distribution must have a higher version than all
previous packages (E:V-R based version comparison) for that
distribution *and* all packages of older distributions. At the same
time, Fedora Legacy update packages for one distribution may not have
a higher version than stock packages of newer distributions, so the
upgrade path is not disturbed. You can only avoid that with backported
fixes, which keep the V in E:V-R below what is shipped with later
distributions, or if you break upgradability. Whether or not that may
be necessary also depends on the feasibility of backporting security
fixes in time.

- -- 
Michael, who doesn't reply to top posts and complete quotes anymore.

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