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Re: Default Folder icon no longer scalable?

Steven Garrity wrote:

After installing test2, I noticed that the default folder icon (which is beautiful by the way) is no longer scalable (bitmap only, not svg anymore?). The previous installation I had was RedHat 9, and it did include a scalable version of the default folder icon.


It was never SVG. I have included multiple versions of the folder at different sizes, but it seems that it wants to currently scale only from the 48x48 version. Perhaps it is because I only have a 96x96 version as the largest size. It could be quite possible that I need to include a 128x128 variety as well. I will see if this is, in fact the issue.

Regardless, it should scale from a larger version if you are up-scaling.

We totally redid the way the icons are maintained. It is much better now; it is easier for me to make updates and keep track of versions. Unfortunately, there are a couple of bugs here and there. This issue is one of those.

Is this intentional? A mistake? Apologies if this isn't the appropriate list.

It's a bug. Please file it in Bugzilla. http://bugzilla.redhat.com/


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