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Re: Does the freeworld repository exist yet?

Nils O. Selåsdal wrote:

Blender + openal can probably be rebuilt without smpeg.
Should it be done ?

I would prefer that it wouldn't. Rather than distribute crippled binaries, why not instead make binary compatible dummy packages for the US-centric distribution. Here's an example of libdvdcss.

Ideally a binary compatible dummy package would contain everything necessary to link against it, but infringing functionality is cut out and replaced by annoying pop-up windows that say the function is removed and why, but not how to fix it because that would be a violation of the DMCA in many cases.

And yes I am completely serious about annoying pop-up windows. TRY the libdvdcss contained in the linked Bugzilla report above.

The the American user would then be legally powerless to do anything, but those living in other countries where it is not illegal could possibly replace the real library if the package exists.

Being a patriotic and law abiding American, it would be treasonous to my country's corporate interests to point to such a theoretical repository.

God bless America and everything it stands for. I love this country. Don't you?


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