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Re: Does the freeworld repository exist yet?

Matthias Saou wrote:
Being a patriotic and law abiding American, it would be treasonous to my country's corporate interests to point to such a theoretical repository.

If you start thinking that way, then free software in general is something
bad for the US's corporate (financial) interests. Microsoft has the
quasi-monopoly worldwide in the Operating System field, and market shares
"lost" towards free software often means less money leaving foreign
countries to go back to the US, because of local developers, distributors,

I have to stop posting at extreme late night.... that was a complete utter failed attempt of sarcasm. I apologize if it seems that I was serious about this part.

God bless America and everything it stands for. I love this country. Don't you?

I don't know about Nils (who seems to be Norwegian), to whom you asked
this, but I know I sure don't love America. And I also don't believe in
God, so I guess I wouldn't make a good patriot anyhow.

This part too...


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